Building and Creating Good, Quality, and High Paying Jobs in South Carolina


    Jobs. Good, high quality, well-paying jobs are the lynchpin around which, everything else is tied into. Fixing our broken roads and bridges and alleviating our traffic burden creates jobs. Investing in our children’s future, providing a high-quality education, so they are prepared to enter a 21st century workforce creates jobs. Lessening the grip of the fossil fuel industry and moving forward with green energy creates jobs. Creating a healthcare system that incentivizes wellness and is focused on the patient rather than profits creates more jobs in the healthcare industry. This is not the totality of the solution however.

     We need to attract industry and manufacturing to our area by providing tax incentives and establish South Carolina as a business-friendly state. With a high-quality education system, we can show these businesses that we are equipped with the personnel to effectively manage and provide a high skilled labor force that they require. Fossil fuels are dependent upon possessing the fuels in our area, and when there is an incident involving these fuels it can be catastrophic. Green energy does not have this requirement or danger. The sun is everywhere, tidal energy can be created right off our shores, geothermal energy is available right below our feet.

     For example: Photovoltaic cells that harness the suns energy are cheaper to manufacture now than at any other point in the history of this technology. South Carolina has the ability to become the world’s leading manufacturer of solar panels.

    We can create the environment in which we have some of the nation’s best and most lucrative industries. South Carolina has the potential to become the national example of what can be done to attract and keep the best jobs in the nation