I have selected a local bank headquartered in Charleston, with a branch within the District to house the contributions made toward this campaign.

I am of the opinion, that it isn't enough to just talk the talk, but you must walk the walk. In this vein, I need your contributions to keep this campaign progressing forward, and in doing so, we are supporting a local business and local jobs.

Checks can also be made out to:

Preston for Progress

P.O. Box 922

Isle of Palms, SC 29451

*please include your occupation in the memo line of your check for ethics compliance purposes*

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This political campaign is not possible without the commitment of good, hardworking, local volunteers at the grassroots level. It is only with the robust support of individuals like you, helping to engage and energize voters, that we're going to be successful. Sign up to get involved with the campaign today.

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